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pendeloque consulting

Business consultancy for the creative industries

What we do

Consultancy services for the creative industry, with specialisms in the following:

Customer Profiling

Business Development

Costing and Pricing

Market Positioning


Product Development

Consultancy Services from a creative perspective

With over 15 years experience in the creative consultancy and business support sector, Sally Leonard launched Pendeloque Consulting in 2020, to consolidate her work. Pendeloque specialises in helping small creative businesses realise their full potential, whatever they want that to be.

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What Our clients Say

I would highly recommend working with Sally, she has this fantastic ability of asking you the questions that allow you to think three dimensionally about your ideas and business. Nothing exists in isolation, but forms part of a web that she gets you to see! 

Starting  business is no easy feat, however time and time again, when you are at that point where you are confused, lack direction - it is easy to want to do everything, Sally hits the nail on the head and you suddenly become very clear about your next action steps. 

Thank you Sally for all your encouragement, time and advice.

Le Ster

I would absolutely recommend working with Sally. 

It is amazing how much of a positive change she can have on your business, enabling you to clearly articulate what your company does and who your clients are.

Seemingly simple questions that are overlooked, yet fundamental to all aspects, from product development and marketing to where your business operates from.

Will Odell

Sally is probably the most knowledgeable and passionate person about the jewellery industry I know. From production to marketing, she understands from experience the challenges a business can face, no matter how big or small you are. With her great analytical and intuitive mind she will ask the right questions, and make you look at things from a different angle. Her tailored and honest advice will help you figure out what your business is about, where you fit in the market, set your personal goals, and meet them.

Margaux Clavell

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