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About Us


Sally has been working in the field of business consultancy and support since 2005, with a focus on the creative sector, and expertise in the field of jewellery in particular. As a business owner, Sally has a unique insight into the issues that businesses can face.  As a creative person, she also has experience of how these issues can be specific to the creative industries, as well as the particular challenges that the creative sector as a whole can have.

Over the last fifteen years, she has developed a unique blend of support tools and practices that are adapted for a creative mind, to enable business owners to be as creative in their business management, strategy and development as they are in their product development. Whether you are a business owner, support provider or an individual looking to get started, drop us a line and see what Pendeloque can do to help you grow!

Sally has developed and delivered a number of business support programmes across London, and has experience in advising and designing support that focusses on any aspect of business. She also writes and delivers talks to audiences of any size, from schools to institutions.

Current projects that Sally is working on include The Garden Club and the Setting Out programme at the Goldsmith's Centre.

A new project under development is JewelBase, a project to connect the jewellery industry through technology to help them cope with the effects of Covid-19

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